Criteria for membership

Why was VViN set up? 
VViN objectives As the only industry organisation for translation  companies in the Netherlands, VViN is committed to:

  • continuously improving the quality of service  provided by Dutch translation companies;
  • the creation of a favourable business environment for its members in the Netherlands;
  • nationwide and international collaboration and knowledge sharing within the translation industry.

Translation companies form the heart of collaboration within the sector, so they are perfectly positioned to develop the quality of the finished product. However, companies are not the only ones involved in translation products to benefit from representation by VViN. We also help translators working for translation  companies as well as the institutes that teach  translators. 
Finally, it’s the clients – the individuals, companies and government bodies who use the  services of translation companies – that stand to gain the most from the work we do.

ISO 17100 as a requirement Certification
Based on official quality standards has always been important to VViN and our members recently decided that certification to ISO 17100 standard is to be a condition for membership of the organisation.

VViN provides support for members wishing to acquire ISO certification through workshops and by offering discounts on the whole certification process.

VViN tasks
To achieve its objectives, VViN focuses on the  following tasks:

  • maintaining contacts in the sector, including with fellow industry organisations, government bodies, unions and translation faculties in colleges and universities;
  • serving the interests of members and the industry  as a whole;
  • organising meetings and conferences;
  • informing members about VViN activities and  other topical issues in the world of translation.

VViN needs you!
The more supporters there are, the better VViN will be able to look after the interests of its members and others who are involved in the translation industry. If you would like to know more about VViN, please contact our secretariat at We will be happy to provide you with further details about what we can do for you!