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Hi, I’m Vivienne.

And if you’re now thinking: that sounds a bit like VViN – you’re right!
I am, in fact, the face of the VViN. And your advisor. A Jill-of-all-trades with six arms which I use to indicate what you can expect from me. And it’s a lot. I help you run your business in the world of interpreting and translating agencies. With knowledge, experience and practical matters. Ask anything you like – I know my way around. You might say I’m also a kind of translator. I speak the language of entrepreneur country fluently. If you need me, look me up and profit from all I have to offer. See you soon!

All the best, Vivienne


Vivienne is the figurehead of the VViN –  the industry association that safeguards the interests of interpreting and translating agencies in the Netherlands. The association strives for an even better service for interpreting and translating agencies. Both the agencies and in particular their clients benefit from that.

The VViN is committed to:

  • continued improvement of the quality of the service provided by Dutch translating agencies
  • national and international collaboration and knowledge sharing in the translating industry
  • a favourable climate in the Netherlands for the association’s members.

Interested in joining?

Is your interpreting or translating agency ISO certified and do you stand for high-quality services? If so, join the VViN and profit from what our association has to offer.

We support our members in all sorts of ways: with activities, for example, member benefits, downloads and a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

We also act in representing the sector to external parties, such as government and education.

Find an authorised interpreting or translating agency

When you choose an interpreting or translating agency that displays the VViN logo, you choose quality and reliability. If you’re dissatisfied and are unable to reach an agreement with the VViN agency, you can resort to the VViN’s dispute settlement.

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All our members are ISO certified. This way you know that you are getting quality.

The ISO 17100certification is a quality mark The standard describes the requirements that a translation agency must meet in order to be certified. For example, theISO 17100 standard concerns the translation process, tools used and additional services such as revision.


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