What does the VViN do?

The VViN is committed to an increasingly professional interpreting and translating industry in the Netherlands. Clients must be able to trust that they are getting translations that meet high standards of quality. And that agreements about delivery and tariffs are communicated clearly and honoured promptly.

There are many ways in which the VViN supports professionalisation, including organising webinars and workshops for members. The VViN also contributes to conferences and other events in the interpreting and translation sector.

Quality and the VViN
The VViN advocates high quality and clear standards of quality. We actively contributed to the development of the European NEN-EN 15038 standard and the global ISO 17100 standard for translating services and we still keep a finger on the pulse in the NEN commission for interpreting and translating services. Since 2021, an ISO 17100 certification (for translating services) and/or an ISO 188441 certification (for interpreting services) has been a requirement for membership of the VViN. Not only that, but all member agencies must comply with the VViN Code of Conduct so that both clients and agencies know what they can expect from each other.

The VViN is there for its members
As an interpreting or translating agency, you can turn to the association if you want to brainstorm with people who understand your sector. Or if you have any questions or would like to acquire specific knowledge. Maybe you are coming across organisational issues that you’d like to discuss with like-minded people. In every case, you’re at the right address with the VViN, the industry association that represents the interests of interpreting and translating agencies in the Netherlands.

The VViN is also the association the government goes to for interpreting and translating matters. For example, we were involved in the realisation of the Dutch Law on sworn interpreters and translators.

Need interpreting or translation services? Choose a VViN-registred company

An interpreting or translation company that displays the VViN logo is your guarantee of quality and reliability.

  • Each member of VViN is ISO-certified.
  • Each member of VViN abides by the VViN code of conduct.
  • You can be sure of unambiguous communication of cost and delivery time.
  • If you are not satisfied and are unable to resolve the issue with the VViN company in question, there is always the safety net of VViN’s dispute resolution procedure.

Each VViN company is different. Our members differ in terms of size and the services they offer, often having their own specialist area. They also set their own rates. What they have in common is that their working method complies with ISO standards for interpreting and translation services, that they continuously aim to achieve higher levels of professionalisation and that they abide by the VViN code of conduct.

General Terms and Conditions
VViN has drafted a set of General Terms and Conditions that iss members are free to adopt. These Terms and Conditions have been filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht, no. 40482690.

Many VViN members apply these terms and conditions, but they do not necessarily fit the specific services provided by individual companies, so some members opt to have their own T&C.
Ask about this when you approach an individual company.

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