Friends of the VViN are individuals and/or organisations who have a special interest in the VViN and wish to be kept informed of the association’s activities, but who are not, or not yet, eligible for membership.

Interested parties should get in touch with the association and request to join as Friend of the VViN. What does that entail?

  • Friends of the VViN are welcome at the members’ meetings and may use the association’s facilities.
  • We will send them the minutes of the general members’ meeting and invitations to VViN activities such as conferences, workshops and presentations.
  • Friends of the VViN will be listed on the website as such but will not receive VViN logos etc. for commercial use.
  • Friends of the VViN have no voting right.
  • The fee for Friends of the VViN is the same as that for members with a Category 5 turnover.