1994: The Dutch interest group for translation agencies was set up and given the name Association of Translation Agencies (ATA). However, there was already another ATA in the land of translators – the American Translators Association. 

2012: By this time, many large, medium and small translation agencies had joined the VViN. And since a Dutch association deserves a Dutch name, it continued as VViN, Vereniging van Vertaalbureaus in Nederland

The VViN was also one of the initiators of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC), an association for all sector organisations in Europe, and is still an active and influential member of that European umbrella organisation.

2021: From then on, all VViN members are ISO certified. And in order to make it clear that the members include not only translation agencies but also companies offering interpreting services, the latter were added to the name.  

2023: The VViN is being repositioned and given a new appearance, to increase visibility and recognisability. With Vivienne as figurehead, we aim to paint a more concrete picture of what we do for our members in particular and for the industry as a whole. One of the ways we do that is by issuing a biannual magazine. The first edition appeared in March 2023.