Every interpreting or translation agency that registers with VViN will initially be given the status of prospective member, for a period which spans two general members’ meetings.

This prospective membership can be seen as a mutual introductory period. What does a prospective membership mean?

  • Prospective members are welcome to attend the members’ meetings, which generally take place twice a year; in spring and in autumn. Prospective members have the right to speak at meetings, but not the right to vote.
  • Prospective members can participate in activities organised by the VViN, such as the annual conference which features specialised workshops.
  • Prospective members are permitted to use the VViN logo, as long as they state that they are a ‘prospective member’.
  • Prospective members are able to access the members-only content on the website.
  • There is a one-time introduction fee of € 50.00